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Why is Playtomic validating levels?


Playtomic is an App that unites clubs and players. In order to maintain a trust worthy ecosystem, Playtomic is validating the levels of its users so they reflect their real level.


Benefits of Validated Levels


  • Users reflect the actual padel level.

  • When organizing matches, you can look for a rival of the level that they are interested in.

  • When organizing tournaments, it helps to segment categories correctly.

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How is it carried out & how was it done during the Masters Miami?


Playtomic is certifying coaches around the world. They train the coaches and teach them a measurement model in order to later grant the correct level to the players.

During the Miami Masters, there were 3 certified Playtomic coaches validating the levels of all the players.

Reliability level (85%)


By validating a player's level, they are automatically given a level of 85% Reliability. The higher the reliability level, the lower the sensitivity of changing a level.

Which are NPL's categories and levels?


Why is this important?

The NPL will take into consideration Playtomic's level for all our tournaments.

Where can a player see his level?

A player can check out his level on the Playtomic app​ account. 

Has my level been validated?

If you played at the NPL Masters Miami, then your level has been validated.

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