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Winners get 1 Delta Airlines first class ticket!!!

Thank you all for this great success!


The top 16 players of each category, based on points, will have access to get a spot at the NPL Masters Miami.

What is the NPL Masters Miami?

The NPL Masters Miami is the final stage of a NPL Season. 

How can I accumulate point?

2023 will have many express, weekend, and league tournaments. When you participate in all of them you accumulate points. The more you play, the more points you get. 


Does the NPL Masters Miami give me points for my overall ranking?

The NPL Masters Miami will give the following points to each team member:

  • Winner team: 2000 points

  • Runner-Up: 1800 points

  • Semi Runner-Up: 730 points

When will the NPL Masters Miami be played?

The next Masters Miami will be on October 7th & 8th,  2023.

Where will the NPL Masters Miami be played?

Open Padel Club.


How can I have access to play in the Masters Miami?

The top 16 players based on points on each NPL ranking by Category will have access to play at the NPL Masters Miami:

Advanced Men: the top 16 players in the global ranking

Intermedia Men: the top 16 players in the global ranking

Is there a limit date to accumulate points?

Yes, September 15th 2023.

What happens after the limit date?

Players cannot accumulate any more points towards the NPL.

How will the matches be played at the NPL Masters Miami?

The matches will be played in 3 sets with golden point in each game.


Is there a cost to participate on NPL Masters Miami?

$100 per player.

Qualification for the Miami Masters

1.1. The Masters Miami is the final instance of the NPL and will feature the participation of a maximum of 16 players per category.

1.2. The players who will be given the opportunity to participate in the Masters Miami will be based on their individual points in the general table at the end of the circuit.

Classification criteria

2.1. Points will be assigned to participating players in the different competition formats (Express Tournaments, Weekend Tournaments and League) in accordance with the established regulations.

2.2. At the end of the circuit, the 16 players with the highest points in the general points table will be invited to participate in the Miami Masters.

2.3 If the pairs formed by the first 16 players in the general table leave places available, the following criteria will be used to assign the remaining places:

a) The individual classification of the remaining players in the general points table will be analyzed.


b) The best-ranked individual players, who have not been selected as part of team, will have the opportunity to occupy the remaining places, following the order of individual classification.


c) The selected players will have the freedom to choose their partner among the other classified players, without restrictions regarding their position in the general table.

Participation Confirmation

3.1. The players selected to participate in the Masters Miami will be notified by the circuit organizing committee.

3.2. Couples must confirm and pay their participation in the Masters Miami within a specific period established by the organizing committee.

3.3. In the event that a couple does not confirm their participation within the established period of time, the spot will be offered to another player according to the selection criteria mentioned above.

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